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These are the clues from the first ever Urban Dare.


1. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Well, they tore it down and brought a piece of it here to DC. Get your picture in front of it.
2. Who was the Smithsonian's first secretary? Go get your picture with him.
3. The 20th President of the US died from a bullet wound. Go to this president's park near Capitol Hill. You'll be spellbound with this dare.
4. For Results the dare, you'll go to the top.
5. We all know who shot Lincoln. Where did this villain and his co-conspirators meet to put together this murderous plan? Andrew Johnson referred to this building as "the nest in which the egg was hatched." Get your picture in front of the plaque.
6. Black owned and operated since 1958. U can
7. Now more than ever, give to the . Located near the White House, this organization is always one of the first and most efficient at providing relief. We love you Clara. Get your picture with the statue in the courtyard honoring those who have died while caring for others.

8. He equals MC2. Get your picture sitting in his lap.
9. It's not just a water seal, it's also a boathouse. Don't get wet on this dare.
10. This poet wrote Eugene Onegin. Get your picture in front of his statue.
11. In 1971 there were none. Now there seems to be one on every block. Sounds pretty easy, but which one is the right one? Turn in your Sudoku at the one at the intersection of Joseph Heller's book and a WWII soldier's rations.
12. He settled a dispute over this moniker in an eight-hour shooting match with William Comstock. You'll need to be a good shot, too. Visit his place and throw a bull's-eye to move on. This dare does not open until 11:30. Plan your course accordingly.
13. Photo hunt - take a picture of a human pyramid 3-2-1. They must be non-competitors in the race.
14. Photo hunt - take a picture of people doing see no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil. They must be non-competitors and not in your pyramid.

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